Apr 25 -


Overnight Breakfast: A Feast For Reluctant Risers

I’ve never been much good at mornings. For most of my life, I prided myself on being a night owl, the type of gal who could always handle one more thing after midnight — another phone call, a few more pages of a novel, a last turn on the dance floor. For years, I even showered at night. And if, in the morning, I couldn’t produce a civil word before my first sip of coffee, well, that was a small price to pay.

The other price was breakfast. Night owls are clumsy in the morning, and always running late — so making a plate of eggs or baking a muffin or frying a sausage, I felt, would have been hazardous as well as time-consuming. For years, I knew no breakfast. Not even on the weekends, when by the time I eased my idle toes out of bed into a puddle of late morning sun, it was basically time for lunch.

It never occurred to me that I could have spent my last few conscious moments the night before making breakfast, instead of watching one more YouTube video or Googling the definition of “lagomorph.” Hence, I failed until recently to explore the many charms of the overnight breakfast. - (Photo credit: T. Susan Chang/NPR)

In case you haven’t had breakfast yet, try out the recipe for the French Toast. Yum! -Savy


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